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Proposal Managers:
preparing the best possible
bids to win new business
We have all read the press releases announcing that we have won a new contract. But have you
ever wondered who puts together the bids that produce these wins? Meet the Proposal Managers.
in Technip. In the past, a regional
sales team would decide whether
or not to respond to an invitation
to bid (ITB). The sales team would
manage the commercial proposal
and would ask engineers to put
together the technical proposal.
Bid documents.
he role of the Proposal
Manager changed in 2009
since the introduction
of the new Group
Bid Authorization Procedure
that now provides guidance
to the tendering activities
But by 2009 it had become
clear that this approach could
be substantially improved
by introducing bid authorization
matrix to govern the tender process.
Senior management realized that if
Technip was to meet its strategic
goals and build a well-diversified,
profitable backlog, it would have
to win the “right” kinds of contracts.
In other words, contracts that
enable the company to meet
its development strategy and
maintain a balanced risk profile.